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Providing Search and Rescue to Over 8,000 Square Miles


Las Vegas Search and Rescue Serving Red Rock, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead


30+ Volunteers, Operational Since 1986


Search and Rescue in Red Rock


Professional Rescue Pilots, Commissioned Officers & Volunteers


Las Vegas Search and Rescue

Dedicated to Our Community

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue Unit is an organization of paid and non-paid professionals dedicated to saving lives through rescue, emergency medicine, and safety education. It is our duty to provide the highest level of skill and best possible care to those who call upon us for help. Providing search and rescue in Red Rock, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, and Southern Nevada.

Create A Safer Community

The LVMPD Search and Rescue unit is a unified effort between the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and its non-profit partner, Friends of Metro Search and Rescue. In addition to our team of commissioned officers, Las Vegas’ search and rescue unit is supported by 20+ volunteers who actively engage in all aspects of the unit’s rescue missions.
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Be Part of the Mission

Providing search and rescue to the surrounding areas of Red Rock, Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead to is a focused and dedicated effort that comprises highly trained officers and volunteers alike. Volunteering for LVMPD Search and Rescue is a rigorous and rewarding duty that calls for committed, team-oriented professionals.
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“If you get hurt, if you get lost, if you get stuck, or if you require medical attention, stay where you’re at. We’re coming for you. Regardless.”


– DVB, SR3