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In the United States, the majority of search and rescue teams consist of volunteers willing to give up their time and effort to help those in need. All search and rescue volunteers sustain regular jobs in the community and will volunteer their time 24 hours a day without compensation. The volunteers of the LVMPD Search and Rescue Unit are no exception.


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How can I become employed as a Search and Rescue officer?

The positions in SAR are limited, as most officers tend to stay for their career. You must be employed as an officer on LVMPD for 5 years, prior to applying to SAR. To apply for open positions with LVMPD, please click here.

Ok. I’m going to apply with LVMPD. What then?

After the 5 year mark, you must test into Search and Rescue when the position is open. There's a written, oral, and physical test. There are 8 officer positions. A position opens up when one of those 8 moves to another department or retires, etc.

I don’t want to apply with LVMPD. How can I volunteer?

You can volunteer for SAR if you are not employed as an officer with LVMPD, due to liability and pay laws. To volunteer, you must fill out an application and pass the same physical, oral, and written tests that an officer must pass. To volunteer, please click here.

What team am I best qualified for?

To find out more information about what each teams responsibilities are, please click here.

Friends of Metro Search and Rescue is a non-profit. How can I support the cause?

You can donate by clicking here. And soon, you can purchase our new merchandise from the online store. It will be live soon! You can also keep an eye on our social media pages, and we will announce events SAR will be participating in or hosting!

What does my donation go towards?

Your donation helps our volunteers purchase new life saving equipment utilized on rescues. It also helps our team keep their certifications up to date and to participate in specialized training to better assist with rescues and complete life saving missions!