Dive Team Qualifications and Information


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Recovery Dive Team requires a rigorous selection and training process for new divers. Candidates for the Dive Team need to be prepared physically and mentally prior to applying for a position.

Preparation should include water stamina and scuba diving skills. Additionally, candidates should be prepared to discuss their reasons for wanting to join the team and their diving experience.

Preparing a resume listing your dive certifications and experience will not only help you during the oral board, but it will help the selection committee when conducting evaluations.


The process for becoming a Dive Team member includes a selection evaluation, a team orientation and a two phase training program. To become a team member, each candidate must be successful in all parts of the SOT. During the SOT period and subsequent probationary period, candidates will be evaluated on their diving abilities, their public safety diver skills and their synergy development.

Additionally, all team members selected for the Dive Team must go through a background investigation. Any past convictions or illegal activity will result in failing the background and elimination from the team. Team members are also required to have current hepatitis A & B, typhoid and tetanus vaccinations due to contaminated diving conditions. Dive Team members are required to attend monthly classroom and dive training sessions. Members are also on call on a 24 hour basis and must provide their own dive gear and transportation to the greater Las Vegas area and parts of Arizona.

The successful candidate will be a diver with the drive and determination to fulfill a demanding job that requires learning new skills and honing those skills through regular training. If you feel you have the qualities necessary to be a team member, we welcome your application.

Required certifications

a. Open water

b. Advanced Open Water

c. Rescue Diver

d. Full Face Mask

e. Dry Suit

f. Deep Diver

g. Night Diver

h. CPR For Health Care Provider


Required Dives

a. 50 Logged Dives

b. 5 Logged Dives Over 100 Feet

c. 5 Logged Night Dives

You’ll also be required to complete a SCUBA evaluation and several endurance and physical tests.

To volunteer for the dive team, click here.