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These highly dedicated volunteers are selected from the community based on their expertise and special talents. Mountain rescue volunteers sustain regular jobs in the community and most maintain skills outside of the unit as mountaineers, rock climbers, cavers, scuba divers, firefighters, paramedics, and nurses.

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Prior to entering the unit, each member must have completed a demanding selection and training process that certifies them in the basics of mountain and rope rescue.  

Unit members must also maintain a minimum certification as a Basic EMT with the State of Nevada.

However, most volunteers maintain higher levels of emergency medical certification.

The unit conducts at least 120 hours of bimonthly and field exercises a year to assure team cohesion and maintain a high level of skill required for the position.

Unit members train in all aspects of technical rope rescue, helicopter operations, snow and ice rescue, desert survival, swiftwater rescue, map & compass, land navigation, mantracking, and search techniques.  These training classes are conducted in various terrain and weather conditions.

Most exercises are taught in accordance with established standards in the rescue field including NASAR, MRA, NFPA, and Rescue 3 International.  

Our dedication to training sometimes causes us to feel that we are only “Living To Train”, but we know that we are actually “Training To Live.”

To apply for a volunteer position with mountain rescue or lead climb teams, click here.


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